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Your septic tank is one of the most important utilities on your property. Look no further than Stewart Septic Tank Pumping Service when you are in need of a professional septic tank cleaning in Eastern Prince County, PEI.


 With over 18 years of experience we are sure that you will be happy with our family run service! Please contact us today for current pricing. (Pricing subject to change due to current inflation costs)



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Professional Septic Tank Cleaning 

Specializing in residential & light commercial septic pumping, Installation, and sales of Polylok brand tank risers (covers) & filters, rural septic line snaking (septic tank to house only), and onsite sewage treatment, our goal is to offer our customers quality septic services at current competitive prices. We strive to educate ourselves and our customers with the most up-to-date tools and equipment to best serve you! If you are new to septic system ownership and wondering "how does a septic tank work?" or "when should I clean my septic tank?", please read our basic information page to get a few tips on system care.

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Operating Hours (Seasonally May 1st until December 1st)


Monday: 8am - 7pm

Tuesday: 8am - 7pm

Wednesday: 8am - 7pm

Thursday: 8am - 7pm

Friday: 8am - 7pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



976 Blue Shank Road - Rte 107
Summerside, PE
Tel: 902 888 2929

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Carrier and installer of Polylok brand wastewater parts and supplies 

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