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Frequently Asked Questions:

This page is dedicated to all those questions that we seem to get asked often. Please scroll through the list of these common questions and answers, and see if your question is listed here.


Q: "Do you pump tanks in the winter?"

A: No, we do not. Our season starts on May 1st & ends on December 1st each year, regardless of winter weather. 

Q: "My RV waste tank is full. Can you pump it?"

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. 


Q: "My septic tank is buried. Will you dig it up for me?"

A: To accommodate all of our customers, and remain on a timely schedule, we ask that you have your septic tank covers exposed, and ready for time of service. If you are unable to do so, we can recommend a few local excavation contractors to get the job done.


Q: "The drain is plugged in my home. will you clean it out?"

A: The only drain cleaning we currently do is your main septic line (rural settings only), and we do that from the septic tank towards your home while we are there to pump the tank. Other drain related issues in the home would require a licensed plumber. We will not enter homes and clean drains.


Q: "Do you pump tanks on the weekend?" 

A: We currently operate and schedule for Monday-Friday only. We are closed on Saturday & Sunday. Emergency or after hours rates will apply if we need to be called out on a weekend or evening.


Q: "Where do you pump tanks? Do you cover my area?"

A: We cover East Prince (Basically Richmond/Harmony to Kensington & Malpeque to Borden). 


Q: "What forms of payment do you accept?"

A: We accept cash, credit, debit, and e-transfer (e-transfers must be received by the evening before service)


Q: "Do I need to be home?"

A: We kindly ask that someone be present at time of service (basically for payment) or to make arrangements for payments the evening before (i.e. e-transfer, payment left behind, or credit card), as all payments are due at the time of service.


Q: "I keep calling but nobody answers!"

A: Our office is set-up with an automated messaging system. All our calls go to this system. Please leave your name and telephone number (That's it!), and our office staff will return your call with an appointment as soon as they can. You may also book online.


Q: "How Often should I have my tank emptied?"

A: The average system should be cleaned every 3-4 years or so, but this all depends on the size of the system, and the amount of occupants using it regularly.


Q: "I need a green cover. Do you install them?"

A: Yes we do! Pricing varies on depth of tank, but we can retrofit most tanks, so digging will be a thing of the past! We also stock replacement parts in case some of your current items are broken.

No more digging!

Polylok brand riser cover install

Getting it done!

Our smaller truck servicing a residential septic system

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